Monday, 23 September 2013

Space playdough

 Now that the nights are drawing in Seb is interested in the night sky and the moon and stars.
Of course, i decided to make up some space playdough. I used a basic playdough recipe, added lots of blue food colouring and then kneaded in a load of gold glitter to make it starry. A little tip is to add the glitter and knead the dough on some foil(or similar) or else you will end up with glitter everywhere!

I added some Happyland Aliens, some star cutters, silver foil and some fab space themed pasta.
I love how Seb has such an active imagination now. He spent ages talking to the aliens, feeding them, making them and the pasta rocket shapes fly. He also enjoyed cutting out stars, making prints of the aliens and  pushing balled up foil into the dough.


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