Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dear Alex

Dear Alex

Happy Birthday my little pumpkin, you're one today!

Three hundred and sixty five days ago you arrived into our lives, like many people becoming a parent for the second time around i worried about having enough love for a second baby but the surreal moment where i felt them pull you from me, then you started crying and i joined you those worries were gone.You slotted straight into our little family and i can hardly remember what life was like before.
You may be like Seb in looks but you are most definitely your own person and that was clear right away. Determined and eager, you never want to miss out on anything, and you were on the move so quickly rolling, crawling, climbing and then finally walking. This means you always have at least one bruise, usually on your forehead. You're always on the go from the moment you wake up in the morning until you crash out mid play in the evening.You have a dare devil streak which keeps me on my toes, i regularly find you perched on the windowsill or scaling the bookcases.

You adore your big brother, copying him and letting him bash you round the head with good humour and you've started to get him him back by pulling his hair, you get so grumpy when he isn't around,  I can see that you have a special bond and i can't wait to see it develop as you get older and I'm sure you'll be getting into all sorts of mischief together and have me pulling my hair out. 

You show an appreciation for my singing that nobody else does, I'm not sure if it's a compliment that you fall asleep during it though! You have a stubborn streak and you don't appreciate the benefits of a lie in but who can resist your cheeky grin, dribbly kisses and the excitement you get from waving at us across the kitchen table and dancing along to the radio in the mornings. 

You are my little adventurer and i can't wait to see what adventures we get up to over the next year.


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