Monday, 14 October 2013

Don't stress about your score

In the middle of each month there is a day where i open my twitter account and see many of my fellow parent bloggers discussing their newly released Tots 100 score. 

For those not in the know, Tots 100 is a parent blogger network with over 7000 members.  Each month they rank all of the blogs in their community(don't ask me how its worked out, i have no idea!) according to popularity and influence. 

Every month when the scores are released i see bloggers pleased they have gone up and others upset that they have gone down, occasionally there is bitchiness about other peoples scores(be it good or bad). But if you are happy with your blog does it really matter what your score is? Is it worth getting upset over?

If you look in my sidebar you'll see I'm a member of Tots 100, so yes i am ranked along with all the others. If my ranking goes up, that's lovely but if it drops(like this month) then nevermind. I'm never going to be a massive blogger, that's not my aim, i blog because i love documenting our lives, sharing ideas and reading about others. I love looking back at the things we've done and seeing peoples little ones grow up. Some months i seem to have lots of time and ideas to post other months not so much.  Of course everyone blogs for different reasons but I'd like to think that its not all about a score in your sidebar.

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