Monday, 28 October 2013

Glow in the dark playdough

Last year i made 'anty playdough' and this year i wanted to do something different.
I wanted to try to make some glow in the dark dough but i wasn't sure if it would work. I made some basic playdough and added a little green food colouring.  Once the dough was made i added some of our glow in the dark paint and kneaded it in, i kept adding it and kneading it in well and then left it in direct light to see if it would work. And it did, i had a lovely ball of glowing dough. Unfortunately as with my glowing pumpkins my camera wouldn't take a photo of it in the dark without a flash.

I set it up with some spooky cutters and let Seb play after dark. He was pretty fascinated by it glowing at first and then of course got down to playing with the dough.
I'm pretty dissapointed with my camera not getting decent photos, i'm going to keep trying to get it to work so i can add glowy photos on here.

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