Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Halloween sensory tub

Halloween is coming so of course i wanted to make up a sensory tub for the boys to explore.
 It's our first dabble into Halloween themed fun this year and there seems to be a growing market in this country, much more then when i was young so i was able to get pick up some bits pretty cheaply to put in the tub.
 I used spiders web as the base and added in an inflatable ghost and bat, eyeballs, spiders, witches fingers and some pumpkin fairy lights. Then i popped in some cardboard witches, pumpkins and some Halloween words, finally i added some chocolate foiled wrapped pumpkins.tried on the witches fingers and of course ate the chocolate pumpkins!
The first thing Seb said was 'that says boo' grabbing the word boo in the box(cue us praising him for being so clever!). Then him and Alex dove in and started touching and pulling everything out. Alex explored what was in the box with his hands and mouth while Seb grouped items, used the eyeballs as eyes, tried on the witched fingers and ate the chocolate pumpkins of course!
 Lots of fun had and the tub is now away ready to come back out on Halloween!

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