Thursday, 3 October 2013

Lush Halloween Range

When we were away this weekend i invested in a couple of the Halloween bits in Lush, i thought I'd post about them as i do love Lush!

There are 3 new products out for Halloween and i picked up 2 of them(the other didn't appeal to me). 
The first one i picked was the Soot Ball bath bomb, this product is really cute with the little eyes and i loved the idea of the golden lustre filled bath. Sadly this product let me down, my bath water looked more like dirty pond water and when i drained the bath i was left with black 'soot' which i had to scrub off afterwards(a rinse didn't work) and i had some on my skin too. As i say it was cute, but i wouldn't buy this product again.
 The 2nd product i picked up was Pumkin Bubble Bar, i loved this, again it was very cute, the scent was lovely and warm. I used half of the bar in my bath and i ended up with lovely orange water and mounds of soft bubbles. I'm saving the other half of this to use in a bath for the boys as they will no doubt love it!
 Have you tried any of the Halloween range from Lush yet?

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