Sunday, 13 October 2013

Painting with conkers

This week Seb and Alex came home from a day at their grandparents with a huge bag of conkers that they'd collected.

I was so pleased as we hadn't been able to find any on our walks. We explored them but i wanted to do more then that so i did some googling and decided to do some conker painting with Seb.

To make it easy to clear up, i used an empty eggbox to put paints in, the compartments were the perfect size for the conkers to fit into and be covered in paint.Seb set to work making the conkers all painty while i popped some paper into an old amazon box. Then we put the conkers into the box and shook and tipped it so the conkers rolled all over the paper leaving lovely patterns.

Painting with conkers

We still have loads of conkers left over, so i need to find more uses for them!

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