Friday, 8 November 2013

Awesome Autumn playdough

Autumn will soon be turning into winter and i wanted to do one last craft with Seb before starting on our winter list.

When we carved a pumpkin i washed and dried out the seeds and we still had conkers left so i decided to make some playdough and add these into the fun. I made some basic yellow playdough, set it up with the usual rolling pin and a few cutters and then added the seeds, conkers and some red lentils for colour into a tin and set them with it.

Seb knew the seeds were from the pumpkin as he had helped me retrieve them from the guts and of course he remembered collecting the conkers. He ignored the rolling pin and cutters and concentrated on pushing the conkers into the ball of dough as far and he could and also adding the seeds and lentils to the dough. He also sorted them into the silicone cupcake cases i had put out. It was really interesting watching him and talking with him as he noted the different sizes of conkers and how the lentils were tiny.

I always love seeing something capture his imagination and this really did. Even Alex joined in with a lump of playdough until he started munching on it. It must taste disgusting from all the salt in it but it didn't seem to bother him! 

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