Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Enjoying ice cream in winter with Kelly's of Cornwall

Ice cream is usually reserved for long sunny days but in this country where those days are few and far between we need to learn how to enjoy ice cream on chilly winter days. 
The lovely people at Kelly's of Cornwall, the leading brand of Cornish ice cream recently offered us the chance to try their delicious ice cream and discover some ways to enjoy it in the cold weather. Kelly's ice cream is made from clotted cream and whole milk and it has a smoothness that you don't find in other ice creams and the creamy taste is really luxurious.

They have some great ideas on how to enjoy their ice cream including serving it with hot desserts like crumbles and bread and butter pudding. You can see my first ever attempt at bread and butter pudding here, it certainly went down well with the boys in the house.
My personal favourite way to enjoy Kelly's ice cream is by putting a scoop into my hot chocolate and sprinkling marshmallows over the top. I can't believe i haven't tried this before, the creaminess of the ice cream makes a delicious addition to your drink and I've been enjoying several of these recently.
 Other suggestions to enjoy Kelly's ice cream in winter include melting your favourite chocolate bar and using as a topping and of course a baked Alaska, I've never braved making one of those but i think it might have to be done in the future.

For more information and delicious recipes head to the Kelly's of Cornwall website

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