Friday, 8 November 2013

This weeks meal plan

I plan our evening meals each week because i find it saves money and stress on deciding what to cook. Recently thought i have found myself drifting away from the meal plan so to make sure i'm back on it im going to start posting them up. Our shopping is delivered on Friday so thats when i'll be posting :)

Friday Pizza and garlic bread (the boys had Vegetable Soup earlier)
Saturday Beef Casserole with herby dumplings,cooked in the slow cooker
Sunday Lasagne with garlic bread, though Seb is going out for a Chinese with his grandparents
Monday Cottage pie
Tuesday Pasta and pesto
Wednesday Homemade Pork and Apple Burgers and wedges and corn on the cob
Thursday Toad in the hole and mash and peas

Whats on your meal plan this week?

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