Thursday, 12 December 2013

Easy tree decorations for toddlers

Everyone loves to get crafty with their little ones at this time of year and easy salt dough decorations are the perfect excuse to get the paint and glitter out, plus they make lovely gifts and keepsakes.
Making salt dough is simple and quick enough to keep a toddlers attention. Take a cup of plain flour and add half a cup of salt then gradually add half a cup of water and knead until you get a nice ball of dough. Add more flour or water if the dough is too wet or dry. Then simply roll out and use festive cutters to make decorations. If you want to hang your decorations, remember to put a hole in them at this point, a straw makes the perfect sized hole.
To harden you can either bake in an oven on the lowest heat for a few hours or leave to air dry. I do a mix of both and pop them on the radiator for a few days to get them really solid. 

Once dried out the decorating fun starts. You can use various paints but we used normal children's poster paints plus some tubes of glitter of course! Allow to dry, add some twine and hang on your tree.

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