Monday, 16 December 2013

Giovanni Rana Pasta

Like most households, pasta is always a hit in this house and we eat it at least twice a week. 
As Phil works late nights, i like quick, easy meals that i can make when he gets home and fresh pasta is perfect for those nights.
Giovanni Rana Pasta is Italy's most loved fresh pasta and it's now available to buy across Europe. 
I was sent some of their delicious fresh filled pastas to try.
First up, from the Simply Italian Tortelloni range, i tried Italian Cured Ham and Cheese. It was simple to cook, simply pop into a pan of boiling water for a few minutes, drain and then serve with butter and a little cheese.  I then tried the Gorgonzola PDO Cheese and Walnuts Ravioli from the Italian Indulgence range, again just a few minutes in some boiling water and it was cooked. 
The pasta was well filled and tasty, it couldn't have been simpler or faster to cook and while i served mine the simple way with a little butter and cheese you can also add a fresh sauce or use some of the delicious recipes on the Giovanni Rana website.

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