Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sprout Sensory!

I don't like sprouts but when i saw a big bag on offer for 50p at the supermarket i picked them up thinking i would do something with them. 
That something turned out to be a little bit of sensory play and some painting. 
 I chucked them into a big bowl and encouraged the boys to have a play. We teach little ones not to play with their food but really it's great fun and safe for babies to take part in.
 Alex really enjoyed this and he really explored the sprouts, feeling, smelling, tasting and peeling them. He really concentrated on them for quite a while and it was interesting to see him using his fine motor skills.
I had an empty Amazon box lying around so we did some sprout painting, which was the same as the conker painting we did a while back, rolling painted sprouts around in a box with a piece of paper in the bottom leaving us with some cool pictures.
A simple and (kind of) festive way to spend an hour!

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