Friday, 13 December 2013

This weeks meal plan

We've been doing quite well sticking to our meal plan, it helps to have the odd takeaway planned in as a treat i think. I've ordered our food shopping with Sainsbury's this week as they sent me a £15 off discount code as i've not shopped with them in a while, i like shopping around as all the supermarkets have bits that i like. Phil has the weekend off this week so that means i could plan some nice meals for us to eat along with some quick and easy ones for the evenings he works late. 

Homemade pizza and garlic bread
Tomato pasta bake
Slow cooked spag bol
Chicken Korma with rice and naan
Garlic chicken with chips and veg
Pasta and Pesto

The last meal is undecided as it's my birthday next week, so we'll either go out for food or order in. 

What's on your meal plan?

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