Sunday, 29 December 2013

Turning 30

A few days before Christmas i turned 30. 
When i was younger 30 always seemed like such a huge number and so old but to be honest now i've reached it i realise that it really isn't, and that the older i get the more confident i become in myself and the less i worry about what others think of me and thats actually pretty nice. Do you find you get more confident as you get older?
I never really set goals of things i would have acheived by this age but i did think i would have completed my family a subject which has been on my mind quite alot recently and while i am so blessed to have my  beautiful boys i think a third baby would make our family complete so perhaps we'll start working on that one soon.

 I didn't want much fuss, my partying days seem to have been left behind now so Phil arranged for the boys to stay out the night before my birthday so that we could have a quiet night with a takeaway and dvds and then i got a lie in and breakfast in bed on my birthday. We slept until 11am, i can't remember the last time we did that! When the boys came home we went took them to a local family pub for the afternoon. So it was a very quiet affair but really nice and relaxing too.
 My favourite present was this lovely bangle which says So... there's this boy whole stole my heart and changed my name to mummy which i just love, so very true! I also love my new floral striped dress from ASOS which has been worn loads over the festive period.

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