Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A little wobble

This month the majority of children born at the same time as Seb are starting nursery, as now at the grand old age of 3 they are entitled to 15 hours free nursery care.
A while back, I decided not to send Seb and so while his peers are venturing off to start their education he continues to stay at home with me and Alex. I've always been pretty confident in my choices, but i did have a small wobble when seeing little ones on my facebook all ready for their first day at 'school' and parents saying how much their little ones loved it and how they enjoyed having the free time.

There are various reasons i haven't sent Seb, a while back i wrote a post about this very subject and mentioned that i was considering home education and i still haven't decided if that is the route i want to take. I love the idea of it but i worry that i may not be enough as he gets older. I am a member of various Home Education groups over on Facebook and the people on there are pretty inspiring, I'm hoping that we can venture to a couple of local meet ups this year to get more of a feel for it and meet some likeminded people and some home educated children.

Really as parents we begin educating our children as soon as they are born, they learn from us and from the things we do with them, Seb certainly learns new things every single day, through play and by simply taking part in day to day life, it's very free and easy with no pressures. I must be doing something right, he is bright as a button and interested in everything.
I don't like the idea of him going to nursery and being monitored and having to conform and being able to do certain things that the government deem a child of his age should be able to do, though i have no worries about him meeting the criteria it just doesn't feel right to me.
I also like that we have a flexible life, if the boys want to lie in until 9.30am then they can(and even better so can i!), if we fancy a day out to the local farm we can just do it and the same goes if it's horrible outside and we want to stay home all day in our pyjamas and play with Lego, no worries about doing the school run or him missing a day.

I have until January 2015 to apply for a school place for him so plenty of time yet but people are starting to ask when he'll be going to nursery and I'm not sure what to say to them to be honest. Part of me wants to conform after all, going to school is the norm but another part of me wants to choose something different for our family.

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