Sunday, 26 January 2014

Counting with buttons activity

Seb loves numbers and i like to do fun activities to keep him interested in them. My boy loves sorting be it colours, shapes etc so i thought this simple task with buttons(50p a bag in Tesco!) would keep him busy.
I had some mini cupcake cases which i labelled 1-10 and added half a pack of buttons into a pot. Then i got him to sort the cases into order and create a number line with them.
 Then i asked him to fill the cases with the right number of buttons. He did really well with the first few, but needed me to help count last the last couple of them which i was quite pleased with otherwise it wouldn't have been much of a challenge! I've kept this activity together to bring out and use again. 
 This can easily be extended to add more numbers, try counting different materials(it would be fun to use natural objects), or you could adapt it into colour sorting instead of counting. 

What counting activities do you do?

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