Thursday, 2 January 2014

Goodbye 2013

Like many for me 2013 had it's highs and lows, from finding and moving into our new home and watching the boys grow to Phil being mugged and then finding out some horrible things that made life difficult. 
I am pleased to be welcoming in a new and hopefully better year. I don't have resolutions as such but i do have things i want to do this year.

  • Have more date nights! Pretty self explanitary!
  • Dedicate more time to reading.
  • Reduce food waste, we are quite good with this but i still think we could do better. 
  • Give crochet a go! I would love to make a crochet blanket.
  • Try cloth sanitary products.
  • Remember to take time to enjoy and appreciate the boys, it's easy to forget to do this.
Do you have any plans for 2014?

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