Thursday, 30 January 2014

Our favourite reads #1

We love books in this house and recently had to upgrade our bookcase for a larger one and at the same time i created a cosy corner in the playroom with floor cushions and a blanket for the boys to sit and read or make dens to read in, i added our Noah's Ark so they can use the space for small world play too. 

I wanted to share the boys current favourite books with you. I always like to see what others are reading as it inspires me with future buys. 

A really simple but clever concept, this book asks the reader to make up the story by choosing things from each page such as where you would live, what job you would like and what would you wear. There is so much to look at on each page that you find something new each time you look. It is fun and interactive and great for imagination. This book has the seal of approval from Seb, Phil and myself and we have read it every single day since Seb received it.  I honestly could not recommend it more for all 3 year olds, it's a must have.
This is a fairly new book to us but it has already become a favourite. If you have a toddler you will relate to the story of Bella who is having one of 'those' days. It made Seb laugh and had me nodding along in recognition. Good fun to read when your toddler is having a day of endless tantrums over anything with a lovely ending.

Alex loves touch and feel books. This book introduces babies and younger toddlers to the Gruffalo by encouraging them to feel his knobbly knees and poisonous wart and our favourite his soft fluffy tummy. Seb still likes to look at this book too and point out things to his brother. It's a good introduction for the longer Gruffalo story.

I saw these books on Dear Beautiful and knew i needed to get some for Alex, i ended up buying this one and Romeo and Juliet. They are basic counting books but using things from classic literature which makes them unusual and appealing to me too. The pictures are bright and beautiful and both boys enjoy looking through these books. There is a whole series of these books and they would also make great quirky gifts for older babies or a mum to be who loves the classics.
This book is pretty special, it was a Christmas gift and we are keeping it apart from our normal books so we can keep it as well as read it.  The story is a boy who has lost his name and he goes on an adventure to find it one letter at a time. The magical part is that the letters found make up your childs name. This is not one of the run of the mill books you can get with your childs name printed inside, the story is imaginative and captures your childs attention and the book itself is beautiful and amazing quality. Sebastian is a longer name so our book is pretty long but it kept Sebs attention and he loved seeing his name at the end.  We will definitely be purchasing one of these books for Alex too., it's a perfect keepsake.

What are your little ones reading at the moment?

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