Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Painting with water. Non messy fun for babies and toddlers

Anyone who reads this blog will know that i love getting messy. 
However some days, i just want to do something quick and fun for the boys without having to do a huge clean up afterwards, or something i can do with Alex without any fear of him eating the glue etc

Alex is now at the age where he is starting to enjoy mark making be it with crayons or paints, so i got out some sugar paper(we have so much of this as i never seem to use it?) and wet a paintbrush and let him paint away.
This occupied him for ages, he explored the paintbrush with his hands and mouth, made marks on the paper and enjoyed touching the wet paper. The sugar paper works really well for this as the water makes it noticeably change colour.

What non messy fun do you have?

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