Monday, 20 January 2014

Reusable Sanitary Products, part 2

When i posted about resuable sanitary products a couple of weeks ago it got quite a few people interested on here and on twitter so i wanted to psot a little update.

Well without going into too much detail i've now tried out the sanitary towels that i bought and i have to say i have been really impressed with them. They are comfortable to wear, very soft and not bulky. I was concerned about if they would work but i didn't need to worry, they do their job perfectly. I was also a little worried about there being any smell but there wasn't any at all.
There was no irritation that you can sometimes get with disposable sanitary towels either. 
Obviously as it was my first use of them i can't say much about them reducing period pain or making your period less heavy but i am going to be ordering more so will hopefully see some changes over the next few months.

Once used igave them a quick rinse under the tap and kept them in a wetbag and washed them in the machine at 60 degrees with a small amount of powder and they came out like new.

With so many pretty options available, which ones should i go for?!

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