Monday, 6 January 2014

Reusable Sanitary Products

Warning! If you don't like talk of periods then look away now!

I mentioned in my new year post that i wanted to try cloth sanitary products this year. I had never even considered it until i saw people talking about them on a cloth nappy group i use.  I'll be honest the idea grossed me out at first we are so used to the ease of disposable products and anything else is seen a bit hippyish and dirty.  After reading about women finding their periods were lighter and less painful which sounded pretty good to me and they are also reportedly more comfortable to wear, i already wash nappies so it's not that much different really. 
Like cloth nappies, modern cloth sanitary products are very different to those of yesteryear, they are coloured and patterned and there are lots of different people who make them in styles from thong, to panty liners and even for post birth blood loss.
So i took the plunge and ordered a couple of clothes sanitary towels to try out this month. I went for a couple of different types so i could see which i preferred then if i like them i can buy more. They arrived really quickly and my first impression is that they are very pretty, almost too pretty to hide away or use! They are also very soft and thinner then i expected, i thought they would be huge and bulky though this does make me worry if they'll do their job! I'm looking forward to being proved wrong.

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