Friday, 28 February 2014

Coloured Rice Sensory Play

I first posted about coloured rice way back in 2012 when i made rainbow rice for Seb. I have used it in various forms since then but this week i got Alex properly involved for the first time as i can now trust him not to simply eat it!

I made up rice in the 3 primary colours and popped it into the tuff spot with some bowls, cups and spoons and let the boys play. Seb spent his time filling and pouring from the cups. Alex enjoyed using the spoons to fill the cups and bowls and pouring it back into his lap. He also loved running the rice through his hands
 I loved seeing the boys working together to fill the same containers, teamwork at its best!
 If you want to see how to dye rice, check out my rainbow rice post here.

Mark making with shaving foam

After a bit of a break our tuff spot has come back out to play. 
Our first fun was simple. Filling the tray with shaving foam and adding cars to drive through the shaving foam 'snow' to leave track marks. Collecting foam on the diggers and dumping it again. 
Then we moved on to making marks in the foam using our fingers, making letters and words and then reading them.
 You might have noticed we did this in the bathroom so we could put both Seb and tuff spot under the shower when we'd finished!

This weeks meal plan

We did well with the meal plan last week and stuck to it. My chicken and sweet potato curry was amazing, the house smelt gorgeous all day and both boys had second helpings, i'll post the recipe up soon. 
This coming week we're having pretty simple food. I need to go through my books and favourite websites to find some inspiration for new dishes.

Mac n Cheese with crispy bacon(Phil requested this)
Pork and Apple sausages, herby potato cubes(sweet and white) and peas
Slow cooked spag bol
Chargrilled Chicken and veg kebabs with rice
Pasta and Pesto
Pizza and Garlic Bread
Hot Dogs and Fries 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Thank you

MAD Blog Awards
I was informed this evening that i have been nominated in the MAD Blog Awards again this year :) 
Massive thank you to anyone who has nominated me and to anyone who hasn't nominated yet click on the badge below to nominate your favourite blogs 
MAD Blog Awards

Valentines Kool Aid Playdough

I know it's a bit late but i still wanted to post about our Valentines playdough as it was awesome.

When Valentines Day was approaching i picked up some Black Cherry Kool Aid in order to make some delicious smelling dough for Seb(Alex still just eats the dough). The Black Cherry Kool Aid smelt amazing and have the dough a gorgeous pinky red colour perfect for Valentines. I set it up with heart and people cutters, letter cutters that spelt love, a dough stamp and i added some buttons in too.

We rolled, stamped the dough, cut out letters and used buttons to make shapes in the dough. The buttons were a good addition, they were well used and good for practising fine motor skills.
 If you want to make Kool Aid playdough, you can see how i do it here.

Friday, 21 February 2014

A trip to The Hepworth Gallery

We recently paid a visit to The Hepworth in Wakefield. We've been before when Seb was tiny but decided now he is getting bigger we should take him again. As my parents live in walking distance from the gallery you would think i would have been more often!

We went midweek which meant the gallery was pretty quiet, perfect for toddler exploring. 
Seb was in awe of the huge sculptures on display and was asking what they were all called.
When asked he told me his favourite was the one below and he also loved the huge windows looking out on the River Calder.
 My personal favourite was the Mother and Child figure, it's very simple but sweet.
Mother and Child hepworth
 Outside the gallery is a fab play area and also because the gallery is on the river you can see the boatyard.

If you have a morning or afternoon spare and are nearby, it's well worth a visit.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

This weeks meal plan

After missing a week i am back with this weeks meal plan. I did do a plan last week, i just didn't have the time to post it up. Theres only 6 meals here, i haven't quite figured out what our other meal will be yet.

Chicken and sweet potato curry(slow cooked) with rice and poppadoms
Jacket potatoes with various toppings
Pasta with pesto
Cheese and tomato pasta bake
Stir fry veg with sweet chilli sauce and noodles
Chicken kievs with chips and veg

I am really looking forward to making the curry, i've not slow cooked one before and i imagine it will be lush!


At the moment blogging has taken a backseat. My usual blogging time is in the evening once the boys are in bed but since Christmas Alex has been waking pretty much every evening and only settling down to sleep on me so i haven't been able to sit and blog properly.
My bloglovin feed is full as i've not been able to read other peoples blogs either and i feel bad for not commenting on peoples blogs. I think i'm just going to have to clear it and start again with posts from today as there is no way i'll be able to catch up on them all.

The boys are going out tomorrow for the day, so hopefully i will get the chance to sit and blog, i miss it!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rainy woodland walk

We are really lucky to have a wood behind our house, there is a gate at the bottom of the garden that goes straight into it. It's fairly small but lots of fun for little people, an easy way to get some fresh air and a great way to see the changing seasons.
As it's been pretty wet recently we went for a walk to find some puddles and mud and perhaps a gruffalo. The mud was squelchy and we managed to find some diggers to watch in the distance, no gruffalo though!
Do you make use of local woodland?

Monday, 10 February 2014

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Pancakes are our go to breakfast on special occasions, they are a treat as it can take a while to make enough to feed my seemingly bottomless pit children as well as some for Phil and I, but with pancake day approaching i thought I'd post a recipe for some simple chocolate chip pancakes which is what we'll most likely be eating on the day. I double the recipe if it's for breakfast, like i say my boys will eat and eat!

Chocolate chip pancakes recipe

125g plain flour
1tsp baking powder
2tbsp of sugar
pinch of salt
50g chocolate chips
1 egg
125ml milk
2tbsp oil
Stir together your dry ingredients (including the chocolate chips), then in a separate bowl beat your add before adding the milk and oil before pouring into the bowl of dry ingredients. Beat together until the mixture is smooth then leave to stand for a few minutes.
Add a little oil to a frying pan and warm on a medium heat, add a large spoonful of batter into the pan. Cook until the top of the pancake starts to bubble before flipping, cook until they are golden on each side. Repeat for each pancake.

    Friday, 7 February 2014

    This weeks meal plan

    Last week was a bit rubbish meal plan wise. Asda didn't deliver our frozen goods(again) and we just kind of veered off course and only ate about 50% of our planned meals. I'm back on it this week though, my shopping is coming today(i'm giving Morrisons a try) and i am determined to have a good week though it is a bit pasta heavy.

    Slow cooked spag bol
    Fish pie
    Parmesan Risotto with homemade bread
    Macaroni Cheese
    Chicken Burgers and wedges
    Pasta with a tomato and chorizo sauce
    Chicken wings(goujons for the boys) with wedges

     I'm also making up a big batch of soup today with a load of veggies i got at a knockdown price.

    Thursday, 6 February 2014

    Trendy Thursday

    I've not taken part in Trendy Thursday for a couple of weeks but i'm back again. Seb has decided this week that he won't pose for me so it's just Alex, who will stand still but regularly avoids looking at the camera! I had a sort out last weekend and managed to fill an Ikea bag of baby clothes for the charity shop so his wardrobe is nice and organised at the moment.

    Pattern Jumper-Matalan, Chevron Leggings-Indikidual from Kyna Boutique, Bib-Funky Giraffe
     Black top-H&M, Lightening trousers-Get Milky, Bib-Funky Giraffe
    Denim shirt-H&M, Boy tights-Slugs n Snails via Kyna Boutique
    If you love kids fashion, why not join in with Trendy Thursday?
    Badge for TTT, Badge

    Tuesday, 4 February 2014

    Valentines Date Night Jar

    This little jar is perfect for a very cheap last minute gift for your valentine. A little jar full of ideas for date nights with your love. To be honest Phil and i only usually do cards and a nice dinner but i thought this would be cute and i love to find uses for old jars! 

    It took me about 10 minutes to make and was free as i already had everything in the house.
    I washed out a small glass jar, and peeled the label off. I then decorated the jar using some gift ribbon and Mr and Mrs tape which i had leftover from our wedding when i made jars for the pick n mix. Then i cut out some hearts from pink paper and wrote on various ideas for date nights folded them up and popped them into the jar alongside some silk rose petals ready to pull out when we have some child free time.
     The best thing about this is that you can use whatever you have to hand to decorate and personalise the date ideas to suit you and your partner but here are a few to get you started.
    • Cinema trip
    • Picnic(indoor or outdoor)
    • Ice Skating
    • Share a bath with a bottle of wine
    • DVD and popcorn evening
    • Boardgame evening
    • Visit a local art gallery
    • A meal out
    • A long walk 
    • A night away in a hotel
    • Go out for ice cream
    • Go stargazing
    Happy Valentines :)

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