Friday, 28 February 2014

Coloured Rice Sensory Play

I first posted about coloured rice way back in 2012 when i made rainbow rice for Seb. I have used it in various forms since then but this week i got Alex properly involved for the first time as i can now trust him not to simply eat it!

I made up rice in the 3 primary colours and popped it into the tuff spot with some bowls, cups and spoons and let the boys play. Seb spent his time filling and pouring from the cups. Alex enjoyed using the spoons to fill the cups and bowls and pouring it back into his lap. He also loved running the rice through his hands
 I loved seeing the boys working together to fill the same containers, teamwork at its best!
 If you want to see how to dye rice, check out my rainbow rice post here.

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