Monday, 3 March 2014

Alex at 16 months

I've not posted an update for a while but I like to to do them every now and then so I can look back on them. 

Alex is 16 months now and is most definitely a toddler instead of a baby. He runs around at speed, climbs, dives and is full of beans from the moment he wakes up. He just discovered that he can go onto his tiptoes so he is constantly doing that at the moment. He is a real daredevil who loves soft play and the park, he has always got bumps and bruises from his stunts, I think he'll be giving me grey hairs before long. 

He is very sociable and has a smile for everyone, he is for the most part a happy little chap who has a real mischievous side to him. He loves to spend time with Seb and is like his little shadow and he copies him a lot. He is very affectionate and will walk around the room giving everyone kisses and cuddles in turn. He also loves to cuddle dolls and soft toys. 

He understands everything we say to him though he doesn't say words yet apart from mama, dada and lots of noises that clearly  mean something to him. I can't wait for him to start chattering away to us. 
At the moment he loves to play with bricks, his rocker and Happyland. He is still at the stage of breaking apart train tracks, puzzles or similar so we keep those in Sebs room for now. He enjoys sitting and looking at books and has a liking for the gruffalo. He has really enjoyed the sensory play we've been doing recently. 

Alex gave up daytime naps at about 13months and we have been much happier since, he will naps for an hour maybe once every couple of weeks. Bedtime is around 6-6.30pm, we stay with him until he falls asleep(usually about 10mins) but he will wake most evenings and will only settle on me, before being put back into his cot.  He sleeps in our bed 1 or 2 nights a week. He usually wakes for the day at around 7-8am. 
He is very different from Seb who has always slept beautifully from 6 weeks old. I will admit I sometimes get frustrated that he wants me most evenings which means I don't get that time to myself but when he is ready he will grow out of it and at least he sleeps through the night. 

He is a good eater and will try most things that I put in front of him, he eats loads and I can't believe he only weighs around 21lb! He has around a pint of full fat milk a day in cups with a straw and water for other drinks. We stopped bottles at 12 months when we stopped formula. He can clumsily use a spoon or fork but prefers his fingers though I still feed things like porridge with a spoon. 

He is pretty healthy though he has had his first doctors visit recently due to awful stubborn nappy rash and very sore dribble rash on his chin. Despite them both being sore he is very brave when we clean and put creams on him. 

Watching Alex grow and learn is amazing, I am sad about the baby days we have left behind but excited at what lies ahead. 

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