Monday, 10 March 2014

Photo bunting

I'll happily admit i am a massive fan of Instagram, it's probably taken over from twitter as my favourite social media and i love getting my Instagram photos printed off. I've tried a few different places for printing but now tend to stick with Polargram.
The only issue i have is what to do with all of the photos i have had printed off. Some go onto the boys pinboards in their bedrooms and some a stuck to the fridge. In the playroom we have a string on photo bunting that i made using some of the prints.
It is so simple but effective and Seb loves it when i change the photos around and add new ones. All you need to make the bunting is some prints(of course), some twine and some mini pegs or wasabi tape. My twine and pegs were from ebay and cost about £2 for both.
Simply cut your twine to the required length and arrange your photos in order with even spaces between them and then attach them to the twine with your tape/pegs. Tie a loop at either end and hang.  

Seb loves ours especially when I add new photos onto it. 

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