Sunday, 9 March 2014

Planning a shared bedroom

When we moved in last year we gave Seb a pirate themed bedroom but he(and I) have become a bit bored of it recently. Because we rent, we're limited with what we can do to the house so we have to work with what we have.

The plan has always been to put the boys in a bedroom together once Alex is ready for a bed, and although I hope that won't be happening for a while yet I am already browsing for bits to create a room that will suit them both and that we can add things too rather then buying everything to match. 
I don't want a theme, I like the idea of black and white with pops of colour. The room is cream with black carpets so I think it'll work well for us.

I have already ordered this Farg Form cloud lightshade, i've wanted one for ages and Phil managed to break the shade we currently have so I figured I would just get the one I wanted. It's huge and amazing.
Do your little ones share a room?

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