Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Seb at 3 (and a quarter)

Seb is growing up before my eyes, every day he seems to do something new to make me proud.
I guess the logical place to start would be with his reading and writing. He started recognising and reading words of his own accord back last year just before turning three, phonics don't really interest him at the moment instead he asks me to write a word down and then that will be it. He can read around 50 words for now he knows them in familiar and new books, on signs when we're out and when handwritten or on documents. I am taking it slowly with him and letting him decide what he wants to learn. We read several times a day and I have a feeling he is going to be a real bookworm, 

He loves writing at the moment, he can write Seb on his own or Sebastian(and other words) if I guide with dots. He can also write various letters unaided. His drawing has changed massively recently, he now draws recognisable people and various other things and when colouring he tries to stay in the lines. 

He still enjoys numbers and puzzles and currently his favourite toys are Lego, his train tracks and Happyland. He knows all his colours and shapes including semi circle etc He Ioves messy play and crafts and is much more careful and precise when painting and sticking now. He has recently got into dinosaurs.

His speech is great, his vocabulary is wide and varied, his sentences more complex and he can be easily understood, he still has his toddlerisms eg. enormous is enormeous, and he loves to make up funny words. He has recently started joking with us too.

Though he is generally happy he has some threenager moments and he loves to voice his opinions to us. He will have a proper tantrum maybe once a week or so but he is quite easy to deal with and they don't last too long. He is pretty sociable, he loves spending time with his grandparents and mixing with others. He is good when we're out and will along with the pushchair nicely and chat to people in shops.

He is a skinny little thing like his dad even though he eats like a horse. A typical day he'll have a big bowl of porridge and fruit, lunch will be something like a bagel, cucumber chunks and more fruit and then a homemade dinner plus pudding and snacks in the day. He still drinks around a pint of full fat milk a day and has water for other drinks. I love that he will give any food a try and he knows how to make omlettes and muffins with no help,

He has been fully potty trained for quite a few months now, we don't tend to take spare clothes out with us anymore.

In the evenings when Alex goes to bed we have some one on one time with books, music or toys, I think it's my favourite time of the day. He usually goes to bed at 7pm and will sleep anytime up until 10am. Once he is asleep, he doesn't wake.

He is becoming so independent, it's sad and exciting at the same time, I still get the odd glimpse of my baby still when he is sleepy  though. I hope I am giving him the confidence to be who he wants to be instead of following the crowd as he grows and becomes even more independent. 

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