Sunday, 23 March 2014

Three easy Spring painting ideas for toddlers

Spring has arrived and this weekend we got the paints out for some spring themed fun. Painting with a 1 and 3 year old can be a messy business but these pictures are simple to create and will look cute on display or turned into a card. 
 First up are these trees with blossom, Seb helped to paint the trees, then I mixed some pale pink paint up and showed him how to use his fingerprint to add blossom, he did this independently while I guided Alex to put blossom on his tree. I think these are really sweet and for Seb it was a good conversation starter talking about how trees change during the year. 
Handprints can be used in so many ways, we made these handprint flowers which I think would really nice on a Mothers Day card. 
 And finally some simple stamping, we used spring themed cookie cutters, dunked in various coloured paints and printed. I am making these into cards for Mothers Day as they came out really well. 
Have you been doing any spring themed crafts?

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