Saturday, 29 March 2014

Water beads or dinosaur eggs?

Watching the boys play together is one of those things I love doing both because their bond is lovely and because I like seeing the different ways they play with things.

Last week I filled our water table with water beads in rainbow colours and added some dinosaurs and greenery. Alex is now past the stage of shoving everything straight into his mouth so I was happy for him to play with the beads under close supervision.
The weather was being indecisive so we started off playing inside. Alex was happy to put his hands right in and use the beads as a pure sensory experience and Seb was more interested in the dinosaurs, he decided the water beads were dinosaur eggs with babies in and set about collecting them in some plastic bowls I got out.
The weather turned into lovely sunshine so we headed out to the garden where the play continued with the addition of a couple of plastic spoons to help with scooping and pouring the beads, something both boys enjoyed.
I really like using water beads in our play and have used them in various ways over the last couple of years. My favourites being in a seaside sensory and when we froze them adding some simple science to our play.
I buy mine on eBay where you can get 2 small bags for 99p. 

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