Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Weekend Box Review

Right now subscription boxes are huge. From meals to beauty to crafts, there is something for everyone. 

Seb and i were sent a Weekend Box to try out. Weekend Box is a fortnightly box aimed at children aged 3-8 years, each box contains 4 activities for your child to do, some stickers when each activity is complete and a sticker chart to fill up so you can receive a gift when you have completed 6 boxes.

The activities are split into 4 catagories; something to eat, something to make, something green and something to explore. The activities are designed to be healthy, green and creative. 

The first activity in our box was to make Green Pancakes, we received a couple of little sachets of mixes in the box and provided the flour, spinach, cheese etc ourselves. The instructions were clear and easy to follow and Seb enjoyed helping to make the pancakes.
They looked exactly how they were meant too which is always good!
Our next activity was a Pot Of Gold game, we made a rainbow with pipe cleaners and put them into a cup, then took turns throwing the gold coins into the cup. I'll be honest, Seb wasn't that excited by this game and we spent less then 5 minutes on it, his aim wasn't good enough to be able to get any coins into the cup so he soon grew bored. Perhaps an older child would be more entertained by this.
The third activity was to make a Rocking Spring Bird. This is the activity Seb probably enjoyed the most, everything that was needed was included in the pack and it was fairly simple to put together and the bird we made is very cute.
 The final activity was exploring sound. We had a sheet where the child has to match sounds with pictures and the other side had pictures and the child has to write the sound they make. Of course Seb wasn't able to write the sounds yet so we talked about them instead. We also received some straws and a balloon and there was a link on the card to a video online where we could use these to make a robot voice box as an extension. I think if I was buying the box as a means of getting my child away from a screen I personally would have preferred paper instructions. 

I love the concept of the Weekend Box. Overall we enjoyed our box, particularly making the pancakes and the bird. The other activities were maybe aimed at a slightly older child. I think it's ideal for school aged children as something to do on a rainy afternoon. I also feel would be nice if the boxes were themed so the activites were all linked in some way.

Each Weekend Box costs £7.50 and they arrive fortnightly(you can also choose to have them monthly).
If you fancy trying a Weekend Box for free then simply click here and enter the code EMMA125

**We were sent this box to review but all opinions are my own***

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