Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Alex at 18 months

Alex is now 18 months old. 
The best way to describe him is as a little bundle of energy. He is quite small, weighing in at around 22lb, he still wears 9-12 month in about half of his clothes. He has tiny size 3 feet, we had to get him some little Converse for the nicer weather recently in a 3 as his size 4's(I buy in advance) are still huge.
He is constantly running, climbing, diving from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed. He loves the park and soft play and running around the garden kicking a ball. His energy can be exhausting, he is not the type to sit and do a puzzle or look at a book for more than a minute or two, though he has started to enjoy helping with simple baking and crafts.
His sleeping habits have mostly been better recently. He sometimes will have a nap in the day , he will come and cuddle up to me and put my hand in his hair to stroke it and sleep on me for an hour or so.  He tends to get up at 7ish and go to bed at about 6.30ish. Some mornings he wakes up and will play in his cot for a while before letting us know he is awake, in the evenings he will sometimes go off to sleep without someone being in the room with him. He still wakes later in the night sometimes, he either settles with a little back patting or comes into bed with us, I think he wakes from banging himself on the sides of his cot and we have considered getting a bed for him.

In the last few weeks he has started trying with words, he says a handful now like car, bag and boobies (of course!). He understands everything we say and follows instructions(when he wants too!). He also knows when he has a dirty nappy and will get the changing mat, wipes etc out.

He likes his food and eats with gusto, especially foods like cottage pie, soups and pasta dishes. He feeds himself with a fork and spoon and he is pretty good(if messy!).

He is really sociable and is happy to approach people which is lovely, in this respect he is just like Seb, I love that they are confident and friendly. He adore his big brother and follows him around which Seb can get a bit cross with but equally they love to cause mischief together and Seb is forever encouraging him to run off and play.
He is a bit of a comic and loves to make people laugh, he has a huge range of facial expressions, and he thinks taking his trousers off is hilarious.
Alex is most definitely my boy, Phil won't mind me saying that he settles best for me and he loves my mummy cuddles, randomly coming to me throughout the day just for a kiss and a hug which is just adorable.

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