Thursday, 24 April 2014

Down at the bottom of the garden

Theres a gate that leads to a magical woodland.
Yesterday we went for a Spring walk into the woods. 
 Because they are behind our house we regularly walk there but I wanted Seb to see the changes that are taking place.
 There are now bluebells galore, carpeting the woodland, they look lovely even Seb commented that they were beautiful. With their arrival the daffodils are starting to peter out. 
Bluebells, woods  
Lots of the trees are also full of pink and white blossoms.
There were lots of slugs and snails out too. These two were just chilling out together, Seb was stroking them which was pretty sweet, he is into snails and mini beasts at the moment. 
Snails on a wall
I love that Seb is noticing the changes that happen through the seasons. I have plans to extend on this and his minibeast interests too :)

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