Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lush Golden Egg

I mentioned in my haul post that I had treated myself to a couple of bits from the Lush Easter range.

The product I had seen the most hype about was Golden Egg and it's easy to see why. A gorgeous egg shaped bath bomb and melt rolled into one, it is covered in golden glitter making it a really tempting treat. The scent is described by Lush as honey-toffee and I think that describes it accurately. 
As usual I ran my bath and popped the bath bomb in. This one is a slow burner, it took a while to dissolve, the outer layer melts and then the bath bomb centre dissolves leaving you with yellow toffee scented water, with a smattering of bubbles on top and golden glitter. Next time I would put it in while the bath is still running to get more bubbles. 
The water felt soft and silky giving the bath a pampering feel and it would be the perfect bath paired with a face mask. Once out I found I didn't need to moisturise as my skin felt lovely, I was also pleased not to coated in golden glitter, there was a little but nothing to worry about. 

Big thumbs up to Lush for creating this lovely treat. At £3.50 it would be a great non chocolate Easter gift for a teen or adult. 

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