Saturday, 24 May 2014

Leopard print on a boy?

This week I took this outfit photo of Alex and shared it on social media as I often do.
On Facebook I was told by someone I should keep the leopard print for when I have a girl. Now I know the outfit Alex is wearing may not be to everyones taste and that is fine by me, but he is just a baby, does it really matter what print he is wearing? It's just a print? The clothes are comfortable and suitable for the weather so why do they need to be gender specific? 
I responded that if leopard print is good enough for Mick Jagger to wear then it is good enough for Alex too.  I'm also pretty sure if some celebrity mum put their baby son into leopard print trousers thousands would rush to copy her. 

Both of my boys have a huge mix of clothes, from stereotypical boy tops with aeroplanes and buses on to the more unusual(in this country) boy tights. I like to play with clothes and want the boys to be confident enough to choose clothes that they like instead of what they should be wearing. At 3_ Seb already has his own preferences, particularly loving bow ties and hats.  I recently read an article(sorry it's the Daily Mail) recently about a pensioner who dresses exactly as he wants despite his age and what others think and in my opinion he should be admired, as he says fashion is a way to express yourself.

Would you put your son in leopard print leggings?
(don't worry I won't be offended if you hate them!)

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