Sunday, 11 May 2014

Say hi to our very hungry caterpillars

Everyone loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar and is probably many our childrens first experience of life cycles. 

A couple of months ago I ordered a butterfly house online so that Seb and Alex could witness the life cycle of a butterfly for real. We waited for the weather to get milder and ordered our caterpillars which arrived quickly in a small pot with food. 

There are 5 caterpillars in total and they started out tiny.
After eating they grew
And grew
They are really active little things and seem to grow each day. 
We're waiting now for them to form Chrysalis and then we can transform them into the butterfly house, 

Seb loves his caterpillars, he is checking on them several times a day and wants to show them to everyone, he can tell people exactly what is going to happen to them and likes them to be on the table while he is colouring.
Alex is obviously too young to understand but he does like having a a look at the wriggling caterpillars in the cup.

As we hope to home educate, I think the butterfly house is a great investment as it can be reused again with new caterpillars. The one we have is by Insect Lore though I have seen others around too. 

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