Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Thomas King of the Railway Playset Review

We were recently lucky enough to be chosen as Toys R Us toyologists and Seb was sent a fab Thomas train set to review. This was pretty exciting as he loves Thomas(we are actually going to meet him this weekend) so i had a feeling he would love it.
We were sent a Thomas King of the Railway Playset which retails at £39.99 on the Toys R Us website, the set is recommended for age 3+
We decided to set the track up once the boys were in bed which was definitely the right thing to do. I left Phil to put it together and it took him about 20 minutes which i think is pretty reasonable and it would be quicker once you knew what you were doing.
It's quite a large track that is a figure of 8 and incorporates various obstacles for Thomas to negotiate in his quest to retrieve the Kings crown such as movable track and a disused mine. Along with the track you receive a motorised Thomas and a cargo car. Thomas motors around the track with your help and collects the crown from the mine.

When Seb came down and saw the track, he was very excited and we had trouble tearing him away from it to come and eat breakfast. We are already familiar with the King of the Railway story so Seb knew he needed to find the missing crown. He enjoyed helping Thomas on his quest by using the crane to swing around the missing track and opening the castle gate. He happily played with it on and off all day and then we moved it to his room where it is a regular part of his play. I have noticed the train will sometimes come off the track if not place on in quite the right way but thats easily sorted.

 This toy is great for imagination and recalling the King of the Railway story and building on it as well as thinking ahead to the obstacles Thomas might encounter and how to help. It is also good for practising fine motor skills, particularly when using the crane to move the track around.
I think it is a great toy for any Thomas loving child and i like that you can buy additional trackmaster toys to add to the set to extend your childs play. It is well made and robust enough to stand up to some not so gentle handling. I do wish batteries were included in these kinds of toys though(luckily this set only needed 1 AA). 

**We were sent this to review as part of the Toyologist scheme but all opnions are my own**

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