Monday, 12 May 2014

Unstructured Creative Play

Although we do a lot of crafts where we are making something, i don't often post about the times where we just paint or glue just for the fun of it. I guess it's because we as adults focus on the end result but to children it's about the process too.

Unstructured creative play is really important and great fun. Physically is is good for motor skills and hand eye coordination, it also allows them to use their imagination to create something and to have pride in something they have been in charge of making. For slightly older children it is also good way of expressing emotions that they may not yet have the ability to put into words. 
 Our favourite thing to do is get out the paints and a variety of tools and explore. Instead of saying let's make cards for Easter/Mothers Day/Grandmas birthday, I will simply say 'let's paint!". How they play depends on their age and stage of development, I always find it interesting seeing the differences in my boys.

Alex absolutely loves to paint, he uses brushes but much prefers to get his hands in to exploreand while he will paint on paper, he LOVES to paint himself and thinks it is just hilarious.
Seb is now at the stage of being more careful when crafting, he aims to keep colours separate(so happy to be past the stage of everything being mixed into a splodge of brown!) and his pictures often form shapes and he will tell me what things are(grass, the sun etc).
You may want to keep some wipes handy!!

Do your little ones enjoy getting creative?

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