Tuesday, 27 May 2014

We have butterflies!

And boy are they beautiful!
A couple of weeks ago I posted about our caterpillars, I ended that post with the huge caterpillars about to form chrysalides. Well they did exactly that and within a couple of days of that post we had 5 of them.
 Once they were ready we transferred them into our butterfly house and watched and waited for our butterflies to emerge. I'll be honest this stage was a bit boring, it took about 10 days and I did worry they wouldn't emerge.
 But we noticed that they were going dark meaning they would soon emerge so we made up some nectar for them and sprinkled it over fresh flowers and popped them into the enclosure.
 The next morning we came down to discover that we had 1 butterfly, the excitement from Seb made the whole thing worthwhile and he couldn't stop looking at the butterfly.
Later that day another one emerged and we soon had a whole host of butterflies. They are pretty messy as they emerge, leaving meconium (just like a newborn) behind but it is pretty amazing. Sadly we missed them actually emerging(it must happen fast!) but it was quite exciting all the same. They have all settled on the side of the house occasionally fluttering their wings or climbing or venturing to their food.
I am like a mum with her newborn, i can't stop staring and checking on them. Next up is the release which we hope to do this weekend, I'm hoping I can take some nice photos of them when we let them go. 

The butterfly house we have is by InsectLore, I ordered mine from Amazon but they are available elsewhere too, 

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