Thursday, 5 June 2014

Five years

This day five years ago I met Phil. 
We met on the dancefloor in a club(though I had already spied him in a bar earlier), snogged all night and finally came up for air at 5am when the club closed. I remember so clearly him texting me the next day while I was still in bed recovering and the excited nervy feeling on our first date.
In 2009
I won't pretend it was a smooth perfect romance, in the beginning we were on and off more often then I upload photos to Instagram. At that time i wasn't looking for a serious partner and certainly not someone to marry! 
But in March 2010 something big happened, I got pregnant and that made us grow up and sort ourselves out.  I do think things happen for a reason and the impending arrival of Sebastian definitely signalled a huge change, I stopped my weekend partying, stopped spending all my money on clothes and make up as soon as it hit the bank, instead we stayed in and bought baby clothes and nappies.

If you had told me five years ago that today I would be married with two children, I would probably have laughed at you and gone to the bar for another a shot of tequila but here we are and it is a pretty good place to be. 
And now

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