Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How open are you?

Seb has started to ask some potentially embarrassing questions over the last couple of weeks. He is so curious and thinks carefully about everything you tell him.  I have always said I would be honest and open(but age appropriate) with him as I want him to feel comfortable talking to me as he grows up however when your 3 year old puts you on the spot it can be hard to know what to say especially if you weren't brought up that way. 

It started off with asking how Alex got out of my tummy. He has always known that he and Alex both grew inside me, and has seen scan pictures of himself and his brother. For me this was pretty simple as I had a cesarean section so I told him the doctors in the hospital made a little hole at the bottom of my tummy for him to come out of and that's how some babies are born. I'm not sure how I would explain a natural birth to him to be honest and I'm glad he hasn't asked how others are born. 

The next question was about periods. You know how you can't go to the toilet on your own when you have small children? Nothing is private anymore! Well there we were chattering away in the loo and he suddenly asked what's that?(pointing to my cloth sanitary towel). Thrown off guard as a few seconds before we were talking about dinosaurs, I stumbled. I told him that it was something that happens to mummies each month so they can have babies. Not the whole truth but enough for now and he accepted it and went back to his dinosaur chatter.

The most recent question was one he'd clearly been thinking about. I could see in his face he was gearing up to ask me something.  "Where does mummy wee from, does it come out of your bum?" He obviously knows where he wees from but knows that I am a girl and don't have the same parts as him. For some reason the first thing that came from my mouth was "from my front bum". I don't know why, I don't even like that term and certainly never use it myself! I guess I should have said urethra and explained that it was a little hole especially for wee(I will if he asks again) , he probably would have just accepted it. 

It is hard answering these kind of questions as they come from nowhere and it's different to how I was raised but hopefully I'll get better at it! 
How do you deal with these kind of questions? 

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