Sunday, 1 June 2014

The butterfly release(well kind of release)

The time came to release our butterflies on Friday. 
I was wary of keeping them much longer in case they started to lay eggs and Friday was the only dry day we had so we decided it was the right time for them to go. 
We took them out into the garden and opened the house expecting them to be straight out and off but they stayed resolutely in the house, maybe they liked the fresh pineapple and sugar water we had been giving them too much. 
We waited quite a while but they were still no closer to spreading their wings so we had to help them a little bit by taking the plates of food which they were resting on out.
 They eventually began to flutter around and practise their flying skills. Phil and Seb actually got to hold one briefly which was lovely. 
The butterflies eventually settled on a couple of bushes in the garden and when we checked later on they had gone.

I was worried that Seb wouldn't like saying goodbye but in fact he happily accepted that they were going off to explore the world and to lay eggs. We've really enjoyed this journey and it's been a great learning experience for Seb, I can't wait to do it again. 

If you would like to see our butterflies journey you can see my posts here and here . The set we used was by Insect Lore and I ordered it from Amazon.  

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