Sunday, 29 June 2014

This week: Bargain books, a food festival and a peahen

We started the week planting a load of new seeds, mainly herbs along with some sweetcorn, parsnips and sweet peppers. Fingers crossed they are as successful as our potatoes were. 
 On Thursday the boys went swimming with their grandparents so I took the opportunity to have a nice quiet walk into town to get some meat from the butchers. Our town centre is pretty dire but we do have lots of charity shops so I raided the book sections and was pleased to come away with quite a good selection mostly for 25p and 50p each. 
On Friday we had an unexpected guest in our garden, a peahen! She was munching away on our plants and just wandering about eventually she settled next door(it's empty) and after taking advice we left her alone. She was still there on Saturday so we gave her some food and she is still around now. Hopefully she finds her way home soon though the boys have absolutely loved watching her! 
Saturday was one of those days where everything goes wrong. We headed off to a local food festival, stopped to use a cash machine which swallowed Phil's card and the screen said there had been suspected tampering with the machine so we had to quickly dash to the bank to cancel his card and order a new one then on to my bank as I had used the machine before him and I had to have my card cancelled too. Luckily Barclay's printed me a new card off there and then otherwise we would have been stuck. 
Then we set off to the food festival and Phil started with a migraine so I sent him home to take some tablets and to rest before it took hold. He took Alex with him as he was going to need a nap anyway.
Me and Seb finally got to the festival which was small and fairly empty due to the rain, we had a look around, Seb decided he needed a wee and managed to get it all over himself and me, so we had to head home sharpish. I did manage to grab a few bits though. This amazing fruit loaf from Time Bakery and this pretty brooch made by Heart and Design. 
 Oh and of course I got some chocolate cake!
I'm looking forward to watching Dolly Parton this evening with a glass of wine to round the week off. 

How was your week?

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