Tuesday, 1 July 2014

D is for Daddy

D had to be for daddy.
The boys(and me) are very lucky to have a hands on dad in Phil.
To be honest he was thrown in at the deep end as when Seb was born he had to dress and look after Seb while I was still under the general anaesthetic. He changed the first nappy under my instruction as I couldn't sit up at that point and from then on he has been involved in everything with both boys from getting up in the night with a newborn to reading bedtime stories.

The boys adore him and the excitement when he comes home from work is reminiscent of a teenage girls excitement on seeing Harry Styles in the flesh.

I asked Seb what he loves about daddy for the purpose of this post and his reply was "because he's a man and he is nice and tall".  You've got to love a 3 year olds view on life!

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