Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Dino Jaws in Leeds

Yesterday we paid a visit to Dino Jaws in Leeds. 
Dino Jaws is a temporary exhibition in conjunction with the Natural History Museum featuring life like moving dinosaurs and explores what dinosaurs ate and their poo! 

The exhibition is aimed at children aged 4 and up, we only took Seb along as Alex is a bit young and I think he would have been frightened of the dinosaurs. 

As Seb is only 3, he mainly just enjoyed watching the dinosaurs and looking at the poo, the dinosaurs were brilliant, and because we went on a school day it wasn't busy so we spent plenty of time looking at them. There is information by each dinosaur telling you some facts about them.
There is a section in the middle where you can dig for fossils using a touch screen and another part has Lego to play with, dinosaur pictures to colour, dinosaur books and boxes of sand to find fossils in.
The final dinosaur is the biggest and scariest of them all(he even made me jump!) the Tyrannosaurus Rex! 
We had a great couple of hours at the exhibition and came home with 4 new dinosaurs to add to our collection. I am going to set up our dinosaur small world again later on in the week and pop them in there. 

Dino Jaws in it New Dock Hall, right by the Royal Armouries. You can book tickets and find out more information on the website

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