Monday, 14 July 2014

Getting my body back

I don't post much about myself but at the moment I am trying to make a few changes. 

I have never been tiny. Pre children I was a size 12-14 and I was happy with that. I had big boobs, wide hips and a waist that goes in and being that size suited me, I was happy to show myself off in skimpy outfits on nights out and by posting regular outfit posts on my old blog. I was fairly fit, I walked to and from work and of course spent plenty of time on the dancefloor in nightclubs.
Pre children
Having two babies in less than two years along with a change in lifestyle has taken its toll on my body. 
When pregnant with Seb I mainly put weight on my bump and I was back in my old clothes pretty quickly although I did have the  dreaded c section stomach. I put weight on afterwards though through bad eating and less excercise and then when I got pregnant with Alex I put on weight all over, my bump was huge too. Another c section left my stomach in even worse condition. Since then i have stayed bigger then I would like and feel comfortable with and it has knocked my confidence and affected my clothing choices so I want to make some changes.

I'm not really a fan of 'diets' I know if I try and cut out chocolate completely I will cave one day and binge on it, but I have started to be a little more careful and cut down both on portion sizes and on snacking. We had also got into a habit of eating unhealthy late night snacks which wasn't doing me any good so I have cut those out. I have stopped drinking squash and gone back to drinking water which is what I had always drunk previously. I am counting calories using my fitness pal which I have found really helpful and motivating. If we eat out or have a treat I am just extra good the next day.
I'm not particularly unfit, we walk most places anyway but I have started doing a few YouTube dance workouts which i enjoy and Seb likes to join in and copy the ladies on TV. I would like to join a Zumba class or something but because Phil works different hours each week I couldn't commit to going to a class each week.

So there you have it a nice gentle start to being a healthier and getting back to a place I am happy in. Hopefully taking it slow and steady will result in longer term loss instead of the weight going back on in a few months time. 

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