Sunday, 13 July 2014

This week: Dinosaurs, watermelon and a night out

It's Sunday morning and I am cuddled up with the boys on the sofa watching TV trying to keep my eyes open. 
All 3 of us are full of cold and we had a terrible nights sleep ending up with Seb in bed with me and Phil sleeping on the sofa with Alex. 

The week started off perfectly with our trip to Leeds to see the dinosaurs(I posted more about it earlier this week). While there we also popped into Zara to pick up the must have teepee trousers for Alex(and a few sale bargains) and treated Seb to a Happy Meal. 
As the weather stayed nice and warm(and sometimes sunny) this week, park trips have been essential along with lots of watermelon munching.
On Friday the boys spent the night at Phil's parents and for once me and Phil actually went out. It was lovely to wear heels, slap on some proper make up and have a dance. I had my first shots since before I was pregnant with Seb(over 4 years!) and didn't get to bed until 2.30am which is pretty late these days! It was really nice to get out, though I couldn't do it every weekend anymore!
The boys came home Saturday morning and about an hour later we headed off to my parents(well Phil went to work) and spent the day in their garden and cuddling the dogs. 
Back to today and my main plan is to stay on the sofa before a nice bath this evening and an early night. Fingers crossed for lots of sleep for us all!

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