Thursday, 3 July 2014

Under the Sea, exploring shells

Summer is here and it's time to dig out those summer themed activities. 
I set up this simple play tub to get the boys exploring the shells. Blue crepe paper for the base, green for seaweed and some sea themed sequins were thrown in the mix too. I added some relevent words in as Seb loves to know how words look written down and seems to be following the sight word path of reading. 


The boys enjoyed exploring the shells, feeling the different textures and talking about the shapes. 


Seb liked the spiral shell as it reminded him of a snail and he now proudly knows a couple of the words by sight which is great when reading books like Sharing a Shell.

 I have no doubt these will be played with regularly over the summer especially in our new sandpit(if it ever gets put up!) and I look forward to adding some more shells when we visit the beach in summer.

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