Monday, 21 July 2014

Using formula is not a crime

I would like to start this post by saying that I am a huge supporter of mums who choose to breastfeed. I think that it something to be celebrated and am well aware of the benefits.

I also support mums who choose to use formula and it really makes me cross when others try to put them down for it. I've seen it a lot, on blogs, social media and in real life. 

With both boys my intention was to feed until they self weaned,
unfortunately this didn't happen for me and I used formula. Perhaps some may think I didn't try hard enough but I did the best I could with the (minimal) support that I had and I will try again with any future children.

I read a blog post at the weekend where a commenter(anonymous of course) questioned why a new mum wasn't breastfeeding and after the mum replied they said that she had made a strange choice and that they felt sad for said mums babies.  This really wound me up. 
Firstly people shouldn't have to explain why they are using formula, some choose too use it, others have no choice but either way it really is none of your business. I see it happen time and time again where mums feel like they have to justify themselves and have done it myself, telling strangers that Alex lost a lot of weight as a newborn so we changed to formula. For some people it can be very difficult and upsetting to be questioned on this subject.
Secondly, why do you feel sad? The baby is being fed and is obviously thriving. Save your sadness for children who really need it, perhaps those who aren't being fed at all or those in war zones whose lives are in danger. 
Lastly I had to smile at the fact that the comment was made anonymously, seriously put a name to your comments if you feel so strongly, don't hide away.

I support all mums no matter how they choose to feed, being a mum is hard work without people putting their judgy pants on. Looking at my children today you wouldn't know how they were fed as babies, they're bright, healthy and happy the same as my niece and nephew of similar ages who were breastfed.

Normalising breastfeeding, promoting the benefits of it and offering support when needed is really important but comments like these do nothing for that at all. 

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