Wednesday, 13 August 2014


This weekend we paid a trip to Eureka The Children's Museum. 
The boys have actually been before with Phil's parents and really enjoyed it but Phil and I have never been. Eureka isn't that far from us and we got there by bus which was really easy(a tip for all those non drivers) as it is close to Halifax bus station. 
We booked online the night before, this meant we could get in without having to queue so I really recommend it especially at weekends and in the holidays. 
As soon as we got there I knew we'd have a good day, the staff were friendly and Seb was really excited, remembering things from his last visit and wanting to show us. 
I love the quotes about play dotted around, some of them I remember using in essays and they reflect the whole feel of the museum, everything is there to be touched and played with, the best way to learn. 
I took so many photos that it would be impossible to share them all so I'll pop a few from our favourite parts of the museum. I personally loved the mini M&S and Halifax bank, Seb loved the kitchen area and Alex loved the physical areas where he could climb and build. 
The Kitchen
Petrol stop
Shopping in the mini M&S
Phil considering a career change
Hard at work in the Halifax bank
Where does our food come from
Weighing to e at baby clinic
Full body scan
Inside our body
We took our own picnic lunch along and there are loads of places to sit and eat inside and out. There is also a cafe there so you can eat out too. 

Entry for the 4 of us came to just over £40 which seems fairly expensive for a museum BUT that price includes an annual pass so we can now go back for a whole year for free which is great and something we will definitely be making use of especially as we home educate and the museum has so many learning opportunities. 

We had a great day out! 

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